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fastest kid’s lunch May 12, 2009

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I can make this one with the baby latched on.  Seriously.  Grab a flour tortilla, we like Central Market multi grain, top it with a little shredded cheese (cheddar from Full Quiver Farm at SVFM is just right) and pop it into the toaster oven.  (If you don’t own a toaster oven here in Austin I don’t know how you manage.  It doesn’t heat up the kitchen like your full size model and uses less energy.  Ours can bake a single layer cake or six muffins.  Of course it came inexpensively from the thrift store and it’s a good one.)  I  set my oven to “toast 1” which melts the cheese and softens the tortilla but doesn’t puff it up.  Puffing it up is fun and tasty but isn’t right for this “recipe”.  Meanwhile, mash up some Whole Foods 365 organic seasoned beans (spicy chili beans, spicy black beans, or ranchero beans.  They’re all great and cheap.) with a fork.  Put your warm and gooey tortilla on the cooling rack, load it with some beans or beans and rice combo (we always have a pot of cooked  Lowell Farms organic jasmine rice–grown in Texas!–in the fridge) and roll it up taco style.  When the baby falls off you’ll be ready to take your kid to school.


4 Responses to “fastest kid’s lunch”

  1. Laurie Says:

    That sounds good but will it work in a pop up toaster??

  2. Genny Dalton Says:

    Same principle, different filling to try. Ione loves this!
    Take a couple of slices of ripe avocado, smush and spread on a whole wheat tortilla from CM, top with sliced turkey or cheese. Roll and cut in two, secure with toothpicks. (the toothpick adds sharp pointy danger to the lunch which any child will love!) Pack a container with sliced pieces of watermelon, add fork and napkin, and VOILA! Ready to go!

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