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Got’cher Goat Milk May 25, 2009

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Finally!  Local goat milk from Wateroak Farms is now available at Sunset Valley Farmers Market.  They’re selling low-heat pasteurized 1 quart plastic bottles for $5.  Not cheap, but a fair price that helps ensure both a livable wage for the farmers and humane conditions for their animals.  I snagged up a bottle and of course made a batch of yogurt.  The fresh mildly goaty taste is yummy and the texture seems slightly looser than cow’s milk yogurt.  My 5 year old son didn’t even notice the switch.

Buying locally and humanely produced dairy products (if you’re not vegan) is one of the most important steps you can take to lessen your impact on the earth.  Of course, buying local also helps to reorganize the dangerously skewed structure of our food production and distribution systems.  Let’s regain our food liberty.  Without local and individual control over our food choices, people will not be free.

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