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loco for local June 19, 2009

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We survived our two week long road trip.  Along the way we visited some farmers markets in Oklahoma and Tennessee to take advantage  of local butter, yogurt, pecans, strawberries, blackberries, plumcots and raspberries.  Great fun but I must admit and warn that even with the best intentions soft fruits don’t travel well.  Eat them up quick!

A welcome advancement in grocery shopping is the increasing availability of locally grown and locally produced products in supermarkets.  This past week at the Whole Foods in Atlanta we found Logan Turnpike Mill stone ground white cornmeal and yellow cornmeal. This family run business grinds Georgia grown whole grain corn on an antique grist mill.  To my profound disappointment the store was sold out of the grits but I ‘spose I’ll get by.

Other treats we gobbled up were Sweet Grass Dairy’s Thomasville Tomme and Sevenwood cheeses.  Another family run operation, Sweet Grass Dairy produces a dozen or so different cow and goat milk cheeses.  Lucky for us WF sells these two raw cow’s milk cheeses and a chevre.

Back in Austin, visiting our hometown WF we discovered plenty of local produce, some on sale.  Organic Texas blueberries ($2.99 per 1/2 pint), Texas blackberries ($3.99 a pack), fragrant Texas grown white nectarines ($2.99 a pound), organic Texas zucchini and yellow squash ($1.49 a pound) and toothsome Fredericksburg bi-color corn (2 for $1).

This week Newflower Market is offering Texas peaches (2# for $3), seedless Texas watermelons (2 for $5) and Texas cantaloupes (2 for $3).

So if you can’t make it to the farmers market tomorrow you’ll still find plenty of options when going for Texas produce.