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Dai Due—Toulouse? Too Good September 25, 2009

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Hoppin' Jean

Hoppin' Jean

I picked up a pound of Toulouse sausage from Dai Due‘s Butcher Shop this week and prepared, as they suggested, a pot o’ black-eyed peas.  Not that I needed persuading.  In season, I boil up a batch of cowpeas almost every week if I can.

The toothsome Toulouse, fashioned from Richardson Farms pastured pork, and Frenchly flavored with white wine, garlic, black pepper and other spices, tasted right at home with my fresh Texas field peas (2 pounds) and fresh backyard herbs—French thyme, savory, sage and bay.  Farmers market onions and lots of sweet peppers—golden Anaheims, lime green cubanelles and pine green bells, plus plenty of garlic, rounded out the aromatics.  I used up that quart of turkey broth from the freezer.  And I even put in leftover canned green bean liquid and a gnawed up pork rib from Artz Rib House (their grilled veggies are very good).  Recombinant cooking is in my DNA!  When the beans (black-eyed peas are beans) had cooked to tenderness, about a half hour, I jiggered in a shot of cider vinegar (Spectrum organic) and let it bubble a bit.  The sausages, well-seared and sliced, jumped in last.

Jasmine rice (Texas-grown Lowell Farms organic) completes the scene.

Hoppin’ Jean!


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