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about savor the earth May 12, 2009

Howdy!  I’m Nicole Ray, aka Austin Frugal Foodie.  I like to cook and eat delicious food and I try to be gentler to the earth.  And I’m thrifty!

I live and work in South Austin, Texas, so I’m close to Central Market, Newflower Market, Sun Harvest, HEB, Sprouts and the Sunset Valley Farmers Market.  I wind up downtown several days a week so Whole Foods is usually convenient for me as well and I occasionally visit the Austin Farmers Market when youth sports draw me to the inner city on Saturdays. I look for sales and specials at these venues and pass along the opportunity for savings on local and sustainable foods to my readers.  And I devise dishes to best utilize the ingredients available to me—in season, on sale or leftover.  Our local bounty never leaves me at a loss!

As a mother of a 5 year-old and a baby I enjoy additional challenges in the kitchen, and a number of my recipes reflect that.  But I tackle the occasional culinary adventure (I LOVE Indian food!) and even craft a pretty cake now and then.  Our family needs to eat.  We want our food to taste great.  We try to do right by the planet.

Savor the earth and save money with me.


7 Responses to “about savor the earth”

  1. Lisa Marie Render Says:

    hi – everything looks great!
    Lisa (from the Y soccer team)

  2. Dawn J. Says:

    Sister Amy sent me this, how cool!! Being a south Austin thrifty homecooking Mamoe (that’s what he calls me) to an 18-month-old, I say rockin’ recipes Nicole 🙂 Thanks for the site.

  3. Christine Says:

    Hey Nicole, Great blog and wonderful recipes! I love that Austin has seen the same sort of “greening” and eat local vibe that I experienced in Portland, OR. Wow! Your recipes are great and I can’t wait to try some out.

  4. Laurie Says:

    Do you have a recipe for rendering lard? I haven’t done it before and wanted to try real lard in my biscuits! fatty fatty 2 x 4!!!!!

    Didn’t know where else to ask this question on the site?!

  5. nicole Says:

    Hi Nicole! hey since I’m in Pa. what can I do about purchasing from your site?

  6. rj bartlett Says:

    really cold out there, we need a hearty stew and some rolls !!!

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