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Salmon Sales and Cheap Chocolate August 28, 2009

Filed under: easy,fast,fish,grilling — Austin Frugal Foodie @ 1:29 pm

king salmon

If you’re looking for something excellent to throw on the grill this weekend, perhaps an enviably-nutritious, sustainably procured, luscious and easily prepared protein, look no further than Central Market’s wild king salmon from the Rosario Strait in Washington state.  On sale for the low, low price of just $9.99 a pound (normally $24.99/pound), I believe CM has made me an offer I can’t refuse.

Prepping salmon for the grill is simple.  I like to leave the skin on, for moisture, and slather my slab with a mixture of mustard (organic) and honey (local) and fresh herbs like Mexican mint marigold (Texas tarragon–grows practically unassisted in my yard), lemon verbena—this bush requires some tough love pruning–and chives (my garlic chives outperform my regular chives year round).  Season with lots of black pepper and a little salt.  And don’t overcook your beautiful fish.  Medium-hot coals should cook your fillet at the rate of about 8 minutes per inch of thickness.  I like to grill one large piece of salmon w/o flipping it if the fillet’s not too thick.

For dessert, check out Whole Foods for Green & Black’s chocolate bars on special for only $1.50 each (milk chocolate and dark chocolate w/cherry varieties).  If you still have a coupon or two for G & B from the last Whole Deal issue ($1 OFF any G & B product) you can buy yourself a delicious organic 3.5 ounce chocolate bar for a mere 50¢.  That’s like 1970’s prices!